We held a "live" event on the 14th October to discuss the Statement of Needs required by EPSRC for the renewal of this National Research Facility. We would like to engage with as many members of the community as possible who have used, are using or might use the ion beam facilities available at the UKNIBC. We have now submitted the Statement of Needs to EPSRC - thankyou to all those who helped hone it. Space was tight and we might not have managed to get everything in to it in quite the way it was asked for, but we still hope that this is representative of our community.
The final version is now on the website for all to see.

The Statement of Needs for the UK National Ion Beam Centre

The Statment of Needs (SoN) is a form that we are asked by EPSRC to prepare with the input from our user community. We need to ensure that we are providing the facilities that you as users require. We also need to be sure that we are not failing to provide something that you would like to see and/or might require in the future that you feel we are not doing currently.
On the 14th October we presented what facilities currently exist with in the UKNIBC as well as planned upgrades to the facilities over the next few years. The presentations are already available on our website from the User Day we held earlier this summer.
The Statement of Need consists of 8 elements with a very fixed character limit. The sections of the SoN are shown in the menu to the left.

Even though the Live Session is now over we are still open to hear your thoughts and wishes, although it is too late for inclusion in the statement of needs you are welcome to email us about anything you feel is missing.

Thanks to all those who contributed to this process.